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The best 5 tips to keep your child healthy and your house clean this school year.

A new school year means ninth months on the go, as well as your children’s increased exposure to colds and flu. While you can’t be with your kids every moment of every day. Follow this easy 5 tips to keep your family healthy.


1-Washing your hands is the best  way to prevent harmful bacteria from making your children sick, also using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before eating snacks or lunch and after using a shared computer mouse, pencil sharpener, water fountain or other community objects.  At home you can take a more proactive approach by applying disinfectant to commonly used surfaces in your home.

2- Always cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Encourage your child to cough or sneeze into a tissue then put the tissue in the trash, and wash his or her hands or use hand sanitizer. If there is no tissue near you at the time, remind your child to cough or sneeze into the crook of his or her elbow.

3- Keep your hands away from your eyes and out of your mouth. Your hands are often covered in germs.

 4-Don’t share water bottles, food or other personal items.

5– Leave your shoes at the door. Taking your shoes off at the door can reduce your exposure to allergens, toxins, pesticides and dust, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. It also keeps floors cleaner, 85 percent of all dirt tracked into homes comes in on our shoes and the feet of our pets.


Author: ecodiamondcleaningservices

Veronica launched her company in Jacksonville, founded on the use of eco-friendly, natural cleaning supplies. Eco Diamond Cleaning Services, was born out of her desire to provide a much needed service to people interested in the use of non-toxic, non-chemical cleaning products. In her nine years of experience in the industry, working for a national franchise, she began to see a need for these natural, chemical-free products.“My experience as an office operations manager, allowed me to interact with our customers and more and more they we asking if my team could use something that didn’t smell so strong. These clients ranged from new mothers to chemotherapy patients, even people with allergies.” said Veronica. The company is based on the concept of using all natural products that she makes herself. She even takes it a step further by mixing in essential oils which have the specific aroma her customer prefers. These oils also have many other benefits for the home, based on the type of oil being used. She has already had some of my her customers ask if they can purchase these products for themselves!

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