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5 Best Tips and ideas for keeping your Labor Day weekend Eco-Friendly:




Labor Day is all about  Barbecue with family ,friends and a beginning of a new school year also the coming end of summer. So if you’re hosting a family gathering, taking a trip the beach or sticking around the house, Labor Day can also be a great time to be Eco Friendly. Here are the best five tips to make your Labor Day green this year:


1-Serve green food – An easy way to make your festivities more Eco-Friendly is by serving local, organic and seasonal food. In early September, foods in season include peppers, corn, berries, tomatoes, and onions. Shop at a farmers market to make sure your food is local and check to make sure the produce you are eyeing is organic.



2- Eco-Friendly Drinks– Reduce the wastefulness of plastic water bottles and aluminum cans by serving pitchers of ice water, lemonade, iced tea, or juices.  Put out permanent markers for guests to write their names on their cups to eliminate waste.  If you do use bottles or cans, be sure to put out clearly marked recycling bins.


3-Choose reusable plates– Serving ware and cups for your family and friends is an Eco-Friendly and classier choice than plastic. It is not always possible to avoid paper products, especially during a barbecue, but today there are Eco-Friendly paper products available.  When you need to use disposable dishes, look for products that are recycled, biodegradable, or made from unbleached paper products.


4-Cook with green energy – Instead of non-natural charcoal and lighter fluid, try cooking with propane, natural gas, natural charcoal.  Did you know?  That Choosing Eco-friendly Forest Stewardship Council certified charcoal (just look for the FSC logo on the bag) ensures that no trees from endangered woodlands were cut to produce the charcoal for your Labor Day barbecue. Forest Stewardship Council certified charcoal reduces greenhouse gases that are emitted when your charcoal burns.  No unhealthy additives are released into the air or onto your food.


5- Be kind to your grill- Harsh cleaners have lots of chemicals, and who wants that in their food? Kitchen Daily suggests using a baking soda paste and a wire brush to clean the grate before grilling. During the cookout, scrape the grill while it’s still hot to keep it clean for your next grill fest.

Author: ecodiamondcleaningservices

Veronica launched her company in Jacksonville, founded on the use of eco-friendly, natural cleaning supplies. Eco Diamond Cleaning Services, was born out of her desire to provide a much needed service to people interested in the use of non-toxic, non-chemical cleaning products. In her nine years of experience in the industry, working for a national franchise, she began to see a need for these natural, chemical-free products.“My experience as an office operations manager, allowed me to interact with our customers and more and more they we asking if my team could use something that didn’t smell so strong. These clients ranged from new mothers to chemotherapy patients, even people with allergies.” said Veronica. The company is based on the concept of using all natural products that she makes herself. She even takes it a step further by mixing in essential oils which have the specific aroma her customer prefers. These oils also have many other benefits for the home, based on the type of oil being used. She has already had some of my her customers ask if they can purchase these products for themselves!

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