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The holidays is the time for welcoming loved ones into your world more so than ever. When some are traveling a long way, sometimes hosting them overnight, or over a period of nights as they attend family gatherings is a big part of the plan. This means getting your guest rooms ready.


So, with this in mind, I Have selected this 5 tips how to prepare your guest room space before your guest arrives.

1-Open the windows to ventilate and neutralize any odors (you may not be able to smell them yourself but your guests will!)

2-Strip the bedding and replace with fresh, clean linen. Deep-clean the guest room, vacuum window sills, baseboards, ceiling fans, air vents and corners. In a strange room, comfort and space are more soothing than a clutter of unfamiliar things. On a bedside table, place fresh flower in a simple glass, Bottle of water and nice Clock.

3- Deep clean the bathroom until it Sparkles, clear space in it for guests’ toiletries. Ensure you have adequate toiletries in case they forgot or run out. This should include an extra toothbrush in its original packaging, toothpaste, facewash, lotion, shampoo and conditioner. If you have them, hair products, disposable razors, shaving cream and travel-size deodorants are also helpful. A supply of clean cotton towels (two large bath, two face towels, and a washcloth) for each guest.

4-Space permitting, set up a comfortable chair with a pillow and throw, an adjacent table, and a good adjustable-brightness lamp. Assemble a small personal library, including some magazines and a daily newspaper. A radio for morning news and quiet evening listening is a thoughtful addition a telephone in the room is a convenience, but not a necessity. Surprise your guests with a basket full of thoughtful treats. Some items you may want to include are: a journal, pens. If guests are visiting from far away, help them get to know your hometown by providing a list of local points of interest and an area.

5-Make the morning easier on you and your guests by putting out cups, bowls, utensils and non-refrigerated foods the night before. Do coffee-drinkers a favor and set your coffeemaker on auto brew— the lovely aroma will wake everyone with a smile!

Holidays however, is a time for enjoyment and happiness so making sure you strike a balance between being a fantastic host and enjoying yourself is incredibly important, try to relax as much as possible so you enjoy it as much as everyone else! Bonus TIP Hire Eco Diamond For your HOLIDAY CLEANING. Knock the Cleaning off your list.

Cheers to a Relax Holiday season!!

Author: ecodiamondcleaningservices

Veronica launched her company in Jacksonville, founded on the use of eco-friendly, natural cleaning supplies. Eco Diamond Cleaning Services, was born out of her desire to provide a much needed service to people interested in the use of non-toxic, non-chemical cleaning products. In her nine years of experience in the industry, working for a national franchise, she began to see a need for these natural, chemical-free products.“My experience as an office operations manager, allowed me to interact with our customers and more and more they we asking if my team could use something that didn’t smell so strong. These clients ranged from new mothers to chemotherapy patients, even people with allergies.” said Veronica. The company is based on the concept of using all natural products that she makes herself. She even takes it a step further by mixing in essential oils which have the specific aroma her customer prefers. These oils also have many other benefits for the home, based on the type of oil being used. She has already had some of my her customers ask if they can purchase these products for themselves!

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