Eco Diamond Cleaning Services

Get Started

In need of Eco Diamond Cleaning?  Set up a free in-home estimate and evaluation.  While we are there, give us a tour, discuss your cleaning ‘wish list.’


During our free in-home estimate and evaluation we will discuss with you the most convenient and safest solution for gaining access to your home to clean.  While most clients are not home when we arrive, a prearranged plan of entry that is agreed upon is essential and your responsibility.  If entry is not accessed during a scheduled cleaning you will still be responsible for the cost of the cleaning.


Although we cater our services to your individual needs, here are some basics to consider before our arrival:

  • Pick up any items whose proper place may not be obvious.
  • Picking up personal papers, belongings, etc. from surfaces, allows us more time to clean.
  • Let us know before we start what/ where your priorities are so the majority of our time is spent customizing to those needs.


If you have questions, we have answers.  As professionals, we have encountered and accommodated many special needs and challenging requests. We truly see you as a partner in our business and welcome calls and e-mails anytime.

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